Whale watching in Reykjavik

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    Whale watching boat
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    Mink whales at sea
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    The bird "Lundar" frequently seen in whale watching tours
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    Whale breaching

1/2 DAY TOUR – A three hour whale watching tour conducted in Iceland´s biggest whale watching boat.

Our partners at Specialtours offer a three hour whale watching tour conducted in the biggest whale watching boat in Iceland (Andrea is the name of the boat). A three decked ferry has been renovated to accompany whale watchers from the old harbour in Reykjavík. You can choose between staying on the deck or sit inside a comfortable sight seining area with large windows if the weather is chilly. This tour has roughly 95% sighting rate and a guaranteed whale sighting or another tour for free.

During the puffin season (15th of May – 15th of August) the boat sails to the „Lundey“ island (the puffin Island) where you might spot this adorable funny looking bird.

The morning whale watching is the perfect star to your day and fits nicely with the Sterna Travel´s Full Afternoon Golden Circle tour starting at 13:30 from the Harpa music and conference center by the waterfront. A great start for your Iceland holidays.

Whale species in the area are mostly: Minke Whales, Harbor Porpoises, White-Beaked Dolphins and occasionally the great Humpback Whale. Other species are less frequent part of this Iceland holidays traditions.