Westman Islands Tour

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    The famous bird puffin in Westman Island
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    The church in Westman Island
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    The city in Westman Island
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    Westman Island seen from sea
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    Westman Island´s bird view
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    Westman Island aircraft

1 DAY TOUR – see Iceland´s most famous volcano island Heimaey, Westman Island. Learn about history, see puffins and do a optional boat around the island.

Being woken up in the middle of the night and told that a devastating lava stream is heading towards your town sounds like a scene from a movie – a Westman Islands movie. This however is exactly what happened to the inhabitants of the Westman Islands in January 1973 when a 1600 meter fissure started spewing lava that ran towards the thriving fishing town in the island Heimaey.

This tour takes you from bus and a ferry from Reykjavík to the volcano island of Heimaey in the Westman Islands archipelago and via 20 minutes flight back to Reykjavík. During your stay in the Westman Islands you have the chance to go on an optional boat trip around the island or visit the Eldheimar museum (Pompeii of the north museum showing you the remedies of the 1973 eruption) and a bus tour around the main Island to the most interesting spots before you fly back to Reykjavik.

Optional boat tour around the island

The boat circles the island of Heimaey, halting at places of interest where passengers can see various caves, witness the bird life, and possibly observe whales. The trip ends by sailing into Klettshellir (Cliff Cave). A musical instrument is played to showcase the cave’s stunning acoustics, creating a sensational experience. From there we re-enter the harbour.

The boat tour is available during summer, takes approximately 1.5 hours and costs an extra €30. The boat tour can be booked while arriving in Heimaey or online via the www.vikingtours.is The boat tour is weather dependent.

The Westman Islands is rated as #4 top picks in Iceland by the Lonely Planet web edition.


• Non guided bus to Landeyjahöfn harbour

• A ferry to the Westman Islands (included in price)

• Biggest puffin colony in Iceland

• Guided sightseeing bus tour of Heimaey Island (English guidance)

• Eldfell volcano that erupted in 1973

• The village of Heimaey Island

• Scheduled flight back to Reykjavík (domestic airport, downtown Reykjavík)





Photo credit: sakariasinglfsson,quinet