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    The world famous Blue Lagoon. Photo by Christine Zenino (Flickr)
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    Hellisheidi geothermal power plant. Photo by Jóna (Flickr)
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    Reykjanesviti lighthouse. Photo by th.egilson (Flickr)
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    Strandakirkja. Photo by Sigurður Bjarnason (Flickr)
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    Krýsuvík hot spring area

Reykjanes & Blue Lagoon Spa

A full day in the Volcanic Reykjanes peninsula and Blue Lagoon Spa

Note: This tour is only run for groups of 6 persons and more. More than half of the Reykjanes peninsula is covered with dramatic, moonlike lava fields, that also provides Icelanders with hot water, green electricity and the famous Blue Lagoon Spa. You will visit Iceland’s newest power plant, the geothermal Hellisheiði Power Plant, to see how earth’s powers are harnessed beneath your feet. You will see bubbling hot mud springs at Krýsuvík and Gunnuhver as well the option of relaxing in the world famous Blue Lagoon Spa. Witness the surf-pounded coast that boasts rich birdlife in the summertime as well truly amazing stories about people venturing out to the rugged North Atlantic Sea where some did not return. You can also walk across a symbolic bridge between the Eurasian and North American continental tectonic plates where it rises from the ocean.

• Hellisheiði geo-powerplant.
• Strandakirkja – a lonely church
• The Blue Lagoon Spa.
• Krýsuvík high temperature area.
• Gunnuhver hot spring area
• The shore of Reykjanesviti
• Bridge between the tectonic plates
• More lava fields than you can imagine
• The tour stops at Keflavík Airport on the
way back if you need to catch the plane home that day


We first head out to explore the high-temperature area of the Hengill Mountain and visit Iceland´s newest geo-thermal power plant Hellisheiðarvirkjun. The building’s architecture represents the two tectonic plates where the geo-power is harnessed from directly beneath your feet and an interactive multimedia show explains the utilization process of water, magma and steam.

Photo by villi (Flickr)


We venture onwards through a moonlike landscape overflowed by various lava flows in the past centuries and visit almost uninhabitable strip/areas (?) of land, where we find the seashore church of Strandakirkja. The church is famous for being the protector of fishermen, who made pledges to the church, before venturing out to the rough and unforgiving seas in the past. When the wind smashes, the North Atlantic Sea against the shore you might spot “sea geysers” along our driving route.

Photo by Asmundur (Flickr)


The mud pots of Krýsuvík are boiling with sulfur and an array of colorful rock formations greets you with the smell some might say is “quite peculiar” or “funky”. Krýsuvík is a place where your camera needs to works overtime

Photo by Anna.andres (Flickr)


Passing the fishing village of Grindavík we find the world famous Blue Lagoon Spa where you have the option of dipping in and enjoy the creamy bluish water and a meal – or simply just stroll along the site and unleash your photography skills. The Blue Lagoon Spa offers a great view during a cafeteria lunch or a meal at the À la carte restaurant.

Blue Lagoon
Photo by diamond geezer (Flickr)


After leaving the Blue Lagoon Spa we will visit the scenic Reykjanesviti lonely lighthouse that stands tall by shoreline in the westernmost point of the peninsula. The cliffs are filled with bird life in the summer time and the nearby island of Eldey is the home of the largest Northern Gannet (Sula bassana) colony in Iceland. A short distance (10 min drive from Blue Lagoon Spa) from the shore is the steamy and photogenic geothermal area of Gunnuhver high-temperature area.

Photo by KristnyB (Flickr)


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