Kerlingarfjöll & golden circle tour

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    Kerlingarfjöll mountains area is one of Iceland's Highland jewels
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    Gullfoss waterfall. Photo by Mallady (Flickr)
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    Thingvellir national park. Photo by Villi (Flickr)
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    The road to Kerlingarfjoll
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    The wonders of Kerlingarfjöll
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    The art like mud at Kerlingarfjoll
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    Kerlingarfjoll geothermal area
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1 DAY TOUR -A highland excursion sure to take your breath away combined with the Golden Circle Tour Iceland. Desert, Glacier, hot springs, unbelievable colors, national park and waterfalls – all in the same tour.

The Central Highlands in Iceland are a deserted area where glaciers, deserts and hot spring rule the landscape. We will visit the Kerlingarfjöll highlands where hot springs and unbelievable color formations are in abundance. Kerlingarfjöll is our favorite place in Iceland with the added value of you feeling exclusive and not overcrowded throughout the whole day. In the afternoon we visit the famous golden circle at a time when all the other tour companies have left the sites. A highly recommended tour for people with explorers mindset.


• Touch the warm soil of the hot spring area and 5 minutes later you are at the edge of a glacier drift!

• The mighty Gullfoss waterfall

• The most powerful geo-thermal area in Iceland.

• Highland glacier view

• Kerlingarfjöll mountain reserve

• Deserted and exclusive Kjölur highland route

• Rhyolite Mountains with more colors and steam activity than you can imagine

• World famous Strokkur hot spring erupting every 4-8 minutes.

• Þingvellir national park where the earth core is being pulled apart.

• We make lunch stop at the lodge in kerlingarfjöll, dinner stop in Geysir area (meals not included)

Kerlingarfjöll Highland resort is a hidden gem located at the centre of the Icelandic highlands. This area is the single most powerful hot spring area in Iceland. Additionally the Rhyolite Mountains have more colours than you ever can imagine. What our customers usually say: „This feels like being on another planet“. You will experience the uniqueness of this untouched highland patch; glacier parts and snowdrifts, passes and ravines, hot springs and still pools.

We start by exploring the Thingvellir nationl park, a UNESCO world heritage site and Iceland’s first national park, next up is Geysir hot spring followed by Gullfoss (the golden waterfall). Then it´s time to head up to the highland following the Kjölur highland route that offers a range of interesting tales narrated by our guide. In Kerlingarfjöll we make a lunch stop (lunch not included) before hiking in the hot spring valley for about 1,5 – 2 hours to explore this wonder of nature. The colour formations and colour contrast are indescribable. Pictures usually do no justice compared to experiencing Kerlingarfjöll in action.

On our way back you will visit again the Gullfoss area (waterfall) ideal for a lunch stop and we also stop again to see one last eruption from the Strokkur erupting hot spring (Geysir area) before driving to Reykjavik.